History of Hana Christian International Kindergarten

Hana Christian International Kindergarten was established to meet the Educational needs of Thai children and children of other nationalities.

When HCIK opened in 2006, we had 20 students from Nursery – Kindergarten 2. Since that time the school has grown and we added Kindergarten 3 in 2007. HCIK was originally a bilingual kindergarten, but as the numbers of students grew, we found it was necessary to provide an international curriculum and system to meet the needs of our now multi-national students. As a result it was upgraded to an International School in the year 2009.

The school is located in a peaceful suburban area southwest of Chiang Mai, Thailand, just right across the street from the Royal Flora Project. With an international airport, rail and bus lines, and major highway routes, Chiang Mai is well-connected with the rest of Southeast Asia and the world.

Who is Hana Christian International Kindergarten?

Hana Christian International Kindergarten is a Christian School and it is our mission to let students know about God and Jesus Christ. Our goal is to equip students with basic Christian Principles that they can apply to their daily lives in the present and in the future. We seek to develop the knowledge, understanding, and practice of Biblical principles in our students and to encourage a Christian environment of love, sharing, caring, and helping. Our staffs teach and care each child with the purpose of sharing God’s love. We believe in educating in a manner that affirms faith and honors individual uniqueness as every child is created in the image of God.

Our school strives to nourish the intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual development of every child. We encourage creativity as well as critical thinking skill. Teachers provide a safe and loving environment, ideal for growth and stability in the children’s lives.